Compassionate Leadership – Double Bottom Line Essentials

Compassionate leadership is a better form of leadership and creates stronger business results. This program encompasses the essentials of this leadership style with a focus on practical applications, tools, and advice participants can apply in their own roles and organizations. It includes results and practical takeaways from research (both third-party and original research conducted for the book, The Double Bottom Line: How Compassionate Leaders Captivate Hearts and Deliver Results), relevant examples and anecdotes from successful leaders, practical, actionable advice, and self-assessments. Participants are able to demonstrate their comprehension of the material through real-world critical thinking exercises.

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The program consists of 7 modules. Each module will contain learning objectives specific to its content, an overview of the content, learning content, learning check and reflections built into the content to check understanding, and one summative exercise to allow participants to demonstrate application of content to real-world situations.

Introduction from Instructor Donato Tramuto

Compassionate Leadership – Double Bottom Line Essentials