An Introduction to Epidemiologic Data Analysis: Excel to SAS

Program Description

Gain the skills to dig deep into health data and understand its source, impact, and potential application for solving public health issues. Learn how to use software like Excel and SAS to perform basic epidemiologic analyses from start to finish. Through interactive sessions and exercises, participants will gain experience in data cleaning, generating descriptive measures, and calculating crude and adjusted measures of association. Analyses will be conducted through an epidemiologic lens paying particular attention to issues surrounding sources of data and methods of collection, study design, and biases. We will review options for presentation of data and discuss appropriate interpretation of results.


Participants will learn to:

  • use Excel and SAS to import and export datasets;
  • perform simple data cleaning techniques to identify missing data, outliers, and coding errors;
  • generate descriptive measures of exposure, outcome, and covariate data;
  • calculate crude and adjusted measures of association to describe exposure-disease relationships.

Required knowledge/pre-requisites

Introductory level epidemiology

Course Information

Length: 20 Hours


An Introduction to Epidemiologic Data Analysis: Excel to SAS (SI 18)