Gender-Based Violence: Research Methods and Analysis

Program Description

Gender-based violence affects people around the world every day. This violence, mainly towards women, reinforces power dynamics and impacts overall health, including physical and psychological development.

This program aims to enhance participants’ ability to conduct technically rigorous, ethically-sound, and policy-oriented research on various forms of gender-based violence. Individuals working on and interested in the areas of sexual and reproductive health, maternal and child health, adolescent health, HIV, mental health and substance use will most benefit from taking this program.

The program will cover the following topics:

  • Conceptualizing and researching various forms of gender-based violence.
  • Developing conceptual frameworks for violence and health research.
  • Ethics and safety.
  • Survey research on violence and questionnaire design.
  • Intervention research: approaches and challenges.
  • Qualitative research on violence.
  • Violence research in healthcare settings.

The program will be taught through a series of interactive lectures, practical exercises, group work and assigned reading.


Participants will learn:
– current gold standard methods to conceptualize and measure gender-based violence
– validity and reliability of GBV measures
– tool development and validation methods
– ethical and safety issues in GBV research.

Required knowledge/pre-requisites

Participants are expected have some prior familiarity or experience with conducting research.

Intended Audience

Participants interested in investigating gender-based violence as part of a quantitative or qualitative study or an intervention evaluation will find it particularly relevant.

Course Information

Length: 20 Hours


Gender-Based Violence: Research Methods and Analysis (SI 18)