Public Health Management and the Law

  • This program closed on 02/28/2023.

Program Description

This course is intended to foster a practical understanding of major legal concepts that apply in the many areas encompassing the public’s health. The course will explore the key legal concepts of effective operation of health care systems including formation and governance of health care organizations, health care financing mechanisms, modalities of delivery of services, healthcare workforce regulation, health care surveillance, and health care data/information sharing.  Legal liability of health care organizations and professionals also will be explored.


Upon completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Negotiate organizational health care contracts more effectively in having a basic understanding of legal requirements and possible ramifications of contractual approaches;
  • Manage patient data more effectively in having a basic understanding of the legal framework for conducting public health surveillance programs;
  • Interface with and implement public health programs more effectively with a basic understanding of the regulatory requirements;
  • Manage professional and health care system liability exposure more effectively such as by adopting and enforcing corporate compliance programs.

Required knowledge/pre-requisites


Course Information


Public Health Management and the Law