Public Health Writing: A Deliberate Practice Workshop

Program Description

Would you like to make your public health writing more appealing to a general audience of interested but non-expert readers?


Have you been trying to write the same journal article for the last year or longer but somehow never find the time or the resolve to sit down in a quiet place to do it?

If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, consider joining this two-week deliberate practice writing workshop for public health professionals. Being a published writer demands protected time, focus, feedback, revision, and accountability. This workshop will cultivate a community of writers working on independent projects toward a common goal: PUBLICATION. You will receive close mentoring from the Associate Editor of Public Health Post (PHP), and high quality articles may even be eligible for publication by PHP.

You will:

  • Write at lease every other day for two weeks
  • Practice and hone your writing skills;
  • Receive detailed feedback;
  • Build your skill and confidence over multiple drafts;
  • Write at least every other day for two weeks;
  • Read, share with, and coach one another through the writing process;
  • Set and meet deadlines

Our formal workshop meets every other day for two weeks. Much of the work you will need to do will be alone at your computer outside of class. During class, we will write, share ideas and drafts, edit to improve clarity and style, and cheer one another on. Students will engage in peer review and meet one-on-one with the instructor.

Course Information

Length: 20 Hours


Public Health Writing: A Deliberate Practice Workshop (SI 18)