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Maryann Roebuck

Hi Everyone, From reading the WHO article, it seems like the Mpilo Central Hospital dashboard was developed in a format that responded to the information needs of the organization, highlighted how the organization was measuring up against some targets, and was actually used to inform decisions. In this way, I feel like it is really a dashboard, according to Stephen Few’s article. At first glance, the dashboard just looks like a data table so perhaps it’s not the most visually-simple or visually-appeasing dashboard out there. However, it displays important information on one screen, that can be interpreted fairly easily, particularly because of the addition of targets and also the red, yellow, green light system. The section, “Changes after introducing maternity dashboards” is the part that really convinced me – the organization was able to monitor the data more efficiently than previously. And they used the dashboards to identify areas that needed change and then to implement changes. I’m interested to hear what others think.