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Kathryna Corpuz

I would consider the WHO local maternity dashboard as a dashboard within the context of the definitions from the textbook and Stephen Few’s article. Both definitions note common components such as a visual display of the most important information; the information being tied to a specific objective; and an “at-a-glance” view. The maternity dashboard implemented in Milo Central Hospital in Zimbabwe appears to fit these key dashboard components. First, the dashboard at Mpilo is shown as a visual display with a color-coded format, in which the data is compared to set targets. The key information is shown through specific clinical indicators (e.g., number of women who gave birth, percentage of women who died, etc.). Second, this dashboard’s main purpose is to provide feedback on the PROMPT training course for the maternity staff. There is also an added value of being able to use the data displayed to highlight adverse trends in maternal health outcomes based on the mentioned clinical indicators. Lastly, as shown in the article, the maternity dashboard is presented in an “at-a-glance” format, with a monthly trend view.