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Rachel Bedenbaugh

Prior to our readings, I would have said yes this Figure does represent a dashboard – it’s data presented in a way that uses red/yellow/green to indicate areas that could be a concern (yellow) and those that already are a concern (red). But after our readings, I would now say no, it isn’t really a dashboard, but more the data/spreadsheet that should be used to populate the dashboard.
– It’s not a high-level summary as it provides monthly breakdown of each KPI and the yearly total
– It doesn’t provide any analysis or “conclusions,” – it’s just data presented and highlighted in different colors.
– It doesn’t appear to be customized, although the article did discuss that hospital staff in the OB unit were involved in its creation/determining KPIs
– Although the colors are “visual” and help to ID the areas of concern – a graphic of some sort would do a better job of visualizing the areas for improvement.