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Ian Lemieux

Hi all –

Look forward to learning with and from this group!

Considering if the WHO Local Maternity Dashboard is *really* a dashboard, I would suggest not. Citing the lecture from above, and the references noted in ‘Why Dashboards?’, I’m coming back to:
– at-a-glance
– strategic
– actionable
– visualized
The Maternity Dashboard does not allow for at-a-glance viewing (data-intensive, mix of absolute values and percentages, did not know where to look first), was only questionably strategic (did not lead me to much of a predefined conclusion, other than an over-target perinatal mortality possibly related to C-section rates and/or admissions to SCBU, however I’m unknowingly drawing that conclusion as the reader), only potentially actionable (again, the reader would draw a conclusion of their own, where this is more so a report than a dashboard), and the visualization was overwhelming (lots of color, could not see the shape of the data over time, difficult to note what data, if any, should be leveraged for comparison). In the absence of categorical data and quantitative relationships, it left me with many questions and turning back to the problem statement and conclusion for answers.