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Masis Parunyan

Hi all,

Going by Alexander’s and Few’s definitions, I would say the WHO local maternity dashboard is not a “true” dashboard, mainly because the data is not presented in an especially visual way. The only visual component is the color coding of data relative to a target — there is no incorporation of bar graphs, trendlines, pie charts, etc. In a way, it almost seems closer to a report with color coding rather than a strict dashboard.

On the other hand, the data presented is high level data relevant to a goal (namely, meeting targets for better maternal/neonatal outcomes) presented on a single screen, and the colors do help to create a visual effect that can be interpreted at a glance. However, the presentation is not as visually clear as, for example, a trendline. Given the sheer number of metrics they were tracking, this is an understandable choice, since having that many trendlines would be confusing in its own right.

– Masis