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Andrea Dresbach

Which type of graph do you think is best for showing Flores del Mundo’s membership trends over the course of the year?
A: A line graph would probably be the best option for showing the membership trend over time.

Does your answer change if you’re graphing total membership versus employee/spouse/dependent?
A: Yes. Plotting totals and employee/spouse/dependents on a line graph would become too busy/confusing. I imagine using a bar graph or stacked bar graph would work well for an easy visual comparison of the sub groups.

Does your answer change if you want to show Eastern and Northern on the same graph?
A: I think a line graph or a bar graph could work, depending on whether the graph were to include the employee/spouse/dependent breakdown. If comparing the Eastern/Northern totals over time, then a line graph with 2 lines would work. Otherwise, a side by side bar graph could work well.