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Sherry Roberts

Have you encountered many/any box-and-whisker plots in the course of your work? On other dashboards?
Answer: We see box-and-whisker a lot at work, clinical trials use these types of displays often to show statistical outputs of data. It help to visualize the norms and outliers in datasets. I haven’t really seen this type of visualization in other dashboards that I have encountered.

What about histograms?
Answer: To be honest I had not appreciated the difference between a histogram vs a bar chart before this course. It’s great to learn something new. I am wondering if I have been looking at histograms but not understanding what they were in the past.

If you have little or no prior experience with them, do you think they are easy to understand? If not, can you think of some alternate ways to display distribution data?
Answer: I have always struggled with box-and-whisker before, the class exercises were helpful because in the work setting where I normally see them it is assumed that we all understand them. Ian’s clip that he provided was very helpful also. I have a much better understanding of what I am looking at now! Thank you!

I’m not sure about the histogram, I will be more aware of the difference going forward so I think time will tell how clear histograms are to me. Stay tuned!