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Rebecca Smeltzer

While the WHO Maternity Dashboard does fit Few’s criteria of data being “consolidated and arranged on a single screen,” and utilizes various colors to visually indicate status of an outcome towards the target, there are multiple factors that make me lean towards not qualifying this example as a dashboard. First, Alexander noted that a dashboard should focus on data related to the goal. As stated in the WHO article, the “goal” of this dashboard was to present effectiveness of the PROMPT training, with a secondary focus on identifying adverse outcomes in perinatal trends. The maternity “dashboard” displayed does not specify training outcomes versus overall trends that may or may not be related to the training. The “dashboard” displayed tends to fit Alexander’s definition of a report, as it is a table that contains raw data. This table is more of an intermediary step to a dashboard, which has the potential to be translated into graphical visuals that will allow for conclusions to be drawn “at a glance.”