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Nikki Lewis

Although the WHO local maternity dashboard at the Mpilo Central Hospital does meet some components of Stephen Few’s definition of a dashboard, it appears to be more closely aligned with the definition a report than a dashboard. The WHO “dashboard” does display important information, in the form of a high-level summary, on a single screen and uses a red–amber–green, traffic-light coding system to alert users to changes in the frequency of selected parameters. However, this information is not visually displayed so that the user can easily monitor these metrics at a glance, which Few notes as an essential component of a dashboard. Furthermore, this color-coding system is lost when printed, since the Mpilo Central Hospital has no color-printing, eliminating the feature of the “dashboard” that visually alerted the user to changes in key performance indicators. Overall, the use of a table to display numerous metrics makes this information difficult to review, process, and draw meaningful conclusions quickly. This tool could certainly be optimized by displaying this information graphically or with the use of metric boxes, for example.