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Linda Am

I believe the WHO local maternity dashboard is an actual dashboard based on Stephen Few’s definition of a dashboard and from Chapter 1 that describes a dashboard with the following: at a glance views, graphical (trends/comparisons/charts), data relevant to goal(s), and predefined conclusions.

Although, it may look like an overload of data at first glance, all the information is there on a single screen and it achieves the objective of displaying what they wanted to display regarding maternity performance measures. There are colors and a monthly trend view which was nice to see the percentage. I just feel it could also display pie charts or bar charts in color to make it even easier for any audience to read. It meets Stephen Few’s definition of a dashboard because it shows trends at a glance but it definitely can be improved and look more visually pleasing with comparing parts to a whole. I would just prefer a pie chart or bar graph but it still the WHO maternity dashboard still has predefined conclusions can the reader can point out the monthly and yearly totals.