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Kerry Dunnell

I’m late to comment, but love this question, and look forward to seeing what other learners have said. In my opinion, the WHO maternity dashboard example partially meets the standard communicated in the Few article, because it has information that is important to a group,and has been used to inform decision making, such as staffing patterns and enforcement of policies. However, the example is not instantly understandable and doesnt offer any charts that offer a simple picture of the data or analysis.
When viewed in light of the readings from Alexander, this is clearly not a dashboard, because it provides data, analysis in one document, and does not provide high level summaries, so that the user has to read and think to consider, and it relies on color and borders for presentation, instead of taking the analysis and creating simple visual images. The example is more the analysis of data, so the middle step between data and the presentation that Alexander makes clear is value of a dashboard.