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Sonnie Davies

That’s an interesting question because the values of the different variables (employee/spouse/dependent, male and female, etc.) that could be included on the membership trends graph very widely. It seems that because the breakouts of enrollments vary between the two zones in ways that are significant for health plan decision makers, we should be sure to include more variables than just simple overall enrollment trend over time. I’m thinking that perhaps a line graph is still the best way to show the trends over the course of the year, even though you’ll be including employee/spouse/dependent breakouts and/or Eastern and Northern zones simultaneously. But the line graph should be accompanied by a simple two bar graph showing the average proportion of females and males enrolled in each zone for 2011. Since the proportion of females in the Northern zone is so much higher than males in that zone AND ALSO higher than both males and females in the Eastern zone, that information will affect health plan choices by Flores del Mundo.