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      Liz Lewis
      • Which type of graph do you think is best for showing Flores del Mundo’s membership trends over the course of the year?

      • Does your answer change if you’re graphing total membership versus employee/spouse/dependent?

      • Does your answer change if you want to show Eastern and Northern on the same graph?

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      Tessa Kehoe

      1. Line chart
      2. Bar chart if showing employee/spouse/dependent (aka, featuring individual values)
      3. No, there would just be two colors used

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      Lisa DeAlmeida

      1. The best graph would be a line graph with points.
      2. Yes, I would use vertical bar graph to more easily compare subgroups.
      3. If I was just showing overall Eastern and Northern membership trends, I would use the line graph.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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