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      Matthew Banos
      • Which is the best type of graph to show ranking?

      • If we rank claims from most to least frequent, which service category would be at the top of the list (most frequent)?

      • Which would be at the bottom?

      • Is this true for both Eastern and Northern Zones, or do the rankings differ?

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      Maryann Roebuck

      I would choose a horizontal bar graph for ranking. When looking at claims by service category, Curative Care Visits would be the most frequent (for both zones). Speech Therapy would be the least frequent in the Northern Zone. The least frequent service category would be Inpatient Obstetrics and Inpatient Medical for the Eastern Zone.

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      Elizabeth Petit

      I would choose a vertical bar graph. Curative Care visits are the most frequent in the Eastern and Northern zones. In the Eastern Zone, Inpatient Obstetrics and Inpatient Medical are the least frequent claim types. In the Northern Zone, Speech Therapy is the least frequent claim type.

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      Riley Smith

      I found the same outcomes in rankings for Northern and Eastern as the above comments (most frequent being Curative Care in both zones; least frequent in Eastern being Inpatient Obstetrics and Inpatient medical; least frequent in Northern being speech therapy). I agree with Elizabeth that the vertical bar graph would be the most useful display – by having the service category on the y axis and having the data organized from most frequent to least frequent, the graph visually aligns with our word association of “highest” or “most” being on top and “lowest” or “least” being on bottom.

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      Abigail Outterson

      In the Eastern zone, Curative Care is the most frequent and Inpatient Medical and Inpatient Obstetrics are the least frequent. In the Northern zone, Curative Care is the most frequent and Speech Therapy is the least frequent. I would use a horizontal bar graph to show these rankings, with most frequent on top and least frequent on the bottom.

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