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      Liz Lewis
      • Which is the best type of graph to show ranking?

      • If we rank claims from most to least frequent, which service category would be at the top of the list (most frequent)?

      • Which would be at the bottom?

      • Is this true for both Eastern and Northern Zones, or do the rankings differ?

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      Rachel Bedenbaugh

      1. I think bar graphs are best at showing ranking.
      2. Most frequent service category (Eastern): Curative Care Visit
      3. Least frequent service category (Eastern): Inpatient Medical & Inpatient Obstetrics
      4. Is it true for both Eastern & Northern? The most frequent YES (Curative Care Visit), the least frequent NO, In the North Speech Therapy was the least frequent

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      Tomeka Frieson

      1. The best type of graph to show ranking is a bar graph.
      2. In both the Eastern and Northern Zones, Curative Care Vist was the most frequent.
      3. In the Eastern Zone, Inpatient Medical and Inpatient Obstetrics are equally the least frequent. In the Northern Zone, Speech Therapy is the least frequent.
      4. While Curative Care Visits are the most frequent in both the Eastern and Northern Zones, the least frequent claim differs between the two zones, as shown in my answer to Question 3.

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      Keianna Lopes

      1. Bar graphs are the easiest to see Ranking because visually it shows quantifiable amounts easily. This allows viewers a quicker understanding of ranked quantities.
      2. Curative Care was highest for the Northern Region at 1110 claims.
      3. The least common for the Northern Region was speech therapy with 1 claim.
      4. While both regions have curative as number one for most frequent claims the rest of their rankings differ.

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