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      Liz Lewis
      • Have you encountered many/any box-and-whisker plots in the course of your work? On other dashboards?

      • What about histograms?

      • If you have little or no prior experience with them, do you think they are easy to understand? If not, can you think of some alternate ways to display distribution data?

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      Veronica Topp

      I’ve only encountered box-and-whisker plots in stats or other quant classes that describe them but I’ve rarely seen them used outside of that. I’ve seen histograms used more frequently and I would say they are a better, if not the best, way to represent distribution data because you can quickly and easily interpret them even if you’re not familiar with histograms in general. Box-and-whisker plots on the other hand require remembering what each aspect means and so if you are not used to interpreting them, it can be difficult to understand what they are trying to show.

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      Kate Hamdan

      I also have mostly seen box-and-whisker plots in my coursework and in certain situations where audiences had more of a statistical background. I have seen histograms more frequently, particularly in publicly facing documents and dashboards as they are much easier to interpret at a glance. I think each of them can be easy to understand if presented with clear labelling and context.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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